About DBT Toolbox

Welcome to DBT Toolbox!

What is it?

DBT Toolbox is a collection of resources & templates to help you in your DBT journey.

It is ideal for anyone looking to learn about DBT and get access to resources to make the process easier.

What is it not?

We designed DBT Toolbox to give you an overview of DBT, however it needs to be made clear that DBT Toolbox is NOT a DBT course and is NOT designed to replace DBT therapy.

DBT Toolbox does not provide therapy--it IS a toolbox of resources and information!

If you need help finding an in-person DBT therapist and/or DBT group, see the 'Find a DBT Therapist' tab.

Terms of Use:

By using this website, you agree that you are using it for educational purposes only and that you are not at risk of harming yourself or others.

What is your #1 GOAL for learning DBT?

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